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Before WCSA had a website, it had a newsletter. It was called, “Working Class Notes” (2010-2017). And before this version, there was an earlier one in the 1990s referenced in the pull-quote below. “Working Class Notes” was gathered with member input and written by long-time member and past-president, Christie Launius. The Notes hold a wealth of information. Topics include the annual “President’s Report” and other officer share-outs, updates on WCSA Conferences, discussion of a Travel Grant and Young Scholars and Activists Fellowship, lead up to our academic Journal of Working-Class Studies (2016), “Book Notes” on new books in the field, “Center Reports” from sister organizations, and information on upcoming WCSA elections. Writing in her last newsletter in 2017, archived below, Christie Launius explains:

“The forerunner of this newsletter dates back to the 1990s, when the Center for Working Class Studies mailed out a hard copy newsletter to its subscribers. I remember how excited I was to read it, and how honored I was to write a book review for it when I was a graduate student almost 20 years ago.

Content like Working Class Notes will be in our forthcoming WCSA Bulletin with the exception of Book Notes. It is now shared out on a page on our site and managed by former WCSA Presidents Jack Metzgar and Cherie Rankin. Christie Launius serves as the Book Reviews editor and reviews are now published in the Journal of Working-Class Studies.

Some of the earlier WCSA newsletters (2004-2006) by Sherry Linkon with the Working Class Studies Center, Youngstown State University, Ohio, are also included in the archive below.


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