New Sixth Edition of The New Urban Sociology




A new Sixth Edition of The New Urban Sociology has been published by Routledge. The widely recognized text is organized around Gottdiener’s sociospatial perspective and examines the role played by social factors including race, class, gender, economics, and culture on the development of metropolitan areas, while also integrating social, ecological, and political economy perspectives and research throughout.

Randolph Hohle and Mark Gottdiener, along with WCSA member Colby King, co-authored revisions to the sixth edition, which features a major overhaul and expansion of the previous editions. This edition is packed with new material including an expansion of the sociospatial approach to include the primary importance of racism in the formation of the urban landscape, the spatial aspects of urban social problems, including the issues surrounding urban public health and affordable housing, and a brand new chapter on urban social movements. There is also new material on the importance of space for social groups, including immigrants and the LGBTQ community, as well as the gendered meanings embedded in social space.

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