2022 WCSA Award Winners

Life-Time Achievement Awarded: Barbara Jensen

We’re delighted to announce the WCSA Life-Time Achievement award given to Barbara Jensen at the 2022 WCSA Conference, Oregon State University, in recognition of her significant work in the field and to the Association.

2022 Book & Media Awardees Discussed in Working-Class Perspective

No doubt, we’re living in troubled and troubling times, but as WCSA past-president, Allison L. Hurst writes in her discussion of the winners of this year’s Working-Class Studies Association awards, we have room for both hope and concern. You’ll find details on some of the best dissertations, articles, books, and media projects produced in 2020 & 2021 in her post, “Hope & Concern: the WCSA’s 2022 Award Winners,” published in this week’s Working-Class Perspectives.

Photo: Barbara Jensen at the WCSA 22 Conference, Corvallis, Oregon, June 22, 2022. By Jen Vernon.

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